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Spyplane TV is HERE!

Ep. 1: Hike with me while LOOKING COOL


Blackbird Spyplane, Earth’s favorite 100% reader-supported newsletter, now possesses state-of-the-art technology enabling us to do something truly incredible… Introducing:

O yes!!

In Episode 1 of “Spyplane T.V.,” embedded UP TOP, we hit you in beautiful HD video form, doing a RARE nature walk thru a top-secret Northern California wilderness area while wearing FIRE gorp in WATERFALLS — and dropping 2 different NEW epiphanic mindsets along the way:

“Mushroom Mindset” and “Out-and-Back Mindset.”

Episode 1 is live NOW

Also, we make some new hooved friends, chill out w/ cool waterfowl, deepen our souls, get lost in a “universe of lichen,” and look fantastic in the process — so COME HIKE WITH US.*

Will we do more of these ?? Many of them paywalled exclusives ?? BET ON IT !!

Blackbird Spyplane is a subscriber-supported modern treasure.

If you haven’t yet, join our Cla$$ified Recon Tier today — ☮️✌🏻 —Jonah & Erin

*I’m still doing the One-Fit February Jawn Detox Challenge, don’t get it twisted — this nature walk just falls under the “exercise gear” outfit exemption…

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Blackbird Spyplane
Blackbird Spyplane