Mike Mills on his excellent new movie w/ Joaquin Phoenix, whether skateboarding is washed, how “radical trust” can feel hallucinatory, & more unbeatable topics
Soft swaddlers, natural-dye slappers, vintage gems and more for the LOW (and the HIGH)
Black Spyday vs. Black Fr*day
PORCHES tha slapper god comes thru talkin' COOL JAWN MUTILATION, why Kurt Cobain's a genius, Tony Soprano's breathing, dreaming of peaceable kingdoms, …
ART for the low, tees no one's checking for, HOUSE SHOE INTEL + more "unbeatable recon"
New profound thoughts exploring "B.I.G. B.U.C.S. Mindset"
A hyperlimited Spygrail, plus more "unbeatable recon"
"Cyborg Raver Aerobics" SLAPPERS
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