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Fantastic interview! Salehe is such a cool ass dude - I would love to watch a doc about him.

Also, I've never received as many jawn-pliments from strangers as when I wore my Salehe 990v2s in DC this spring. His positive energy pervades his designz.

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I love his high school sketchbook.

Perhaps it’s a common trend for child designers to take something fun and imaginative — like the dinosaur/insect — and turn it into something wearable. I took a fashion design class at the Art Institute in Chicago when I was 15 and made a “palm tree outfit.” The shoes and pants were the trunk (brown platforms and brown/tan alternating large scallops as the pant legs); a green coarsely layered top and chunky-plumed hat were the leaves.

The world would be/is a more fun and fanciful place if/when adult designers use literal imagery as inspo like children seem to. Such a playful creative process strikes me as expansive and one which leads to supremely unique and whimsical creations.

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that last quote is such a bar

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