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Thank you for this bananas-level brilliant interview with Antonio! Fascinating to read how Le Corbusier and Jeanneret influenced 18 East and about Antonio's ethical manufacturing practices.

I feel silly for mentioning it, but I reckon Costantino Nivola collaborated with Eero Saarinen throughout the construction of two colleges at Yale: Ezra Stiles and Morse. (I mean, they're def birds of a feather, were built simultaneously, and connect... but they are *technically* [cringes, rolls eyes while typing comment] two separate colleges.) So, yeah, Nivola's cast stone sculptures are incorporated into and around Stiles and Morse.

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catching up on BBSP content and wow this one is so full of goodness and holy informational pathways to run along and learn, sheesh

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Very excited about this PJ content on BBSP and to witness the slow evolution into BBSP as a top-tier home decor news outlet.

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