We found earth's coolest bandana-maker

Wrap yr face for just $8 per

Here at BLACKBIRD SPYPLANE HQ we’ve been doing a lot of “unbeatable recon” on facemasks over the past few months, no particular reason why. Since we are yr No. 1 source across all media for dope under-the-radar joints, though, the recon has been nothing short of mach 3+ quality.

During a strategic mission the other day we came across a vintage bandana featuring a color map of Glacier National Park — it was fine, but a tiny credit in the corner intrigued us most:

©1996 The Printed Image Nature Facts™ Bandanas 848 W. 9th St. Chico, CA 95928 Made in the U.S.A.

We closed our eyes and meditated on two profound questions: Does The Printed Image of Chico, CA, still exist … and are they still getting off these Nature Facts™ ??

The answer: Affirmative on both counts, baby. The Nature Facts™ bandanas are still in production and are WILD FLAMES. Few are flamier than the Desert Wildflowers model up top, which appropriately features a goat* in addition to all the flowers because Printed Image turns out to be the damn goat when it comes to U.S.-made informative bandanas.

* (it might actually be a ram, in which case that just means u gotta “ram” the damn “COP” button and stop nitpicking our pun game.)

$8 here.

Clouds — you look up at them, you see boats and presidents’ faces within them, you might even gram a photo of them and caption it with a motivational quote about how u had to grind for this view. But how much do you know about clouds, really? Personally, just off the dome, we can tell you that clouds may take one of three forms: heaped-up cumulus, feathery cirrus, or layered stratus. It gets more nuanced from there, that’s just basic info, try and build yr nephological foundation a little.

Available in Royal & Navy, $8.

This one is incredible, but it’s also a test — are you ready to wear a detailed diagram of doo-doo variants around your neck and / or face ?? Rock this and people will learn at least two things: that you possess borderline-sociopathic swagginess, and what porcupine droppings look like.

$8 here.

Spend any amount of time around BLACKBIRD SPYPLANE and yr likely to hear us say things along the lines of, “Infidel, bow down and praise The Sun: Provider and Sustainer of all life on this planet.” So, real talk, this “Sun Compass” bandana hits us with the sacred force of a priestly vestment. Designwise, Online Ceramics is fire but they wish they could get off a crunchy-vibed / font-jumbling / all-over print as unselfconscious as this.

$8 like the rest of them.

The ‘60s-era-textbook aesthetic on both of these is glorious. And the price? Give me a break: 8 dollars gets you 8 snakes, or 8 fly-fishing knots. We just ran the numbers and … that’s a dollar per decorative unit, doggy.

Bugs, carabiners, birds of prey … the list goes on. Printed Image’s Nature Facts bandana warehouse is dizzyingly vast and we’ve barely scratched the surface. If you cop one of these, tag @BLACKBIRDSPYPLANE when you gram it and make us proud…

-The full Printed Image Nature Facts™ bandana webstore is here.

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