Ultimate AUTUMN SpyGuide

Vol. 1: fleece + canvas hoodies, rockable French duvets, gorpy slippers, BAGS, BOOTS + more "unbeatable recon"

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Jonah & Erin


The other day we heard from a Connecticut-based jawnscrafter named Mike McLachlan, tipping us off to clothes he’s been whipping up under the name Manresa — the s**t looked cool, and when we asked him for more info, he told us a tale of hardship… struggle… & TRIUMPH !? Turns out he’s been designing clothes since adolescence, when he started screenprinting tees in his parents’ basement, and continued through college, “but after some rough times I became an addict and alcoholic, made some super sh*tty and uninspired product and was just completely delusional about becoming the next big brand.”

D*mn. He stopped making jawns and focused on getting sober — and, once he did, he felt the creativity SURGE once again: “I started to develop Manresa as a hobby, got bored of just screenprinting my designs on shirts, and about a year ago I decided to try some cut-and-sew.”

With some help & mentorship from Blackbird SpyFriend Antonio Ciongoli of 18 East (turns out Manresa does all their domestic screen printing and embroidery), Manresa just dropped a lil collection — and it’s got some bangers!!

The standouts are these unisex snorkel pullover fleeces (pictured above and below), with contrast-panel zip pockets on the sleeves and canvas hoods lined with tartan, mixing classic British countryside vibes with GORP.

These s**ts could be hideously UNGAINLY FRANKENSTEIN MONSTERS in the wrong hands, so we gotta give props to Manresa for pulling them off with harmony & panache !!

The hoodie’s a mere $115 — it’s in navy here and a very sumptuous ecru here.

We also like the looks of Manresa’s heavyweight cotton-canvas workwear / climbing pants, pictured below, which come in olive and charcoal.

The full array of Manresa pieces is here.

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Speaking of NAVY and ECRU ULTRA-SWADDLING fall garments —

Have U ever wished U could hit the d*mn streets rocking a LUXURIOUSLY SOFT BELTED DUVET?? Lord knows we have, especially as the days get colder and shorter …

So bless the kings at Lemaire for not only making some of the world’s sublimest pants but also dropping these new cotton-gabardine “wadded bathrobe coats” which strike a beautiful compromise between ELEGANT OVERCOAT and PLUSH BEDDING — a little bit “MOB BOSS,” a little bit “SPA DAY” — $1280 here.

AND another quick hit for our “Autumn swaddle gang” out there —

Cla$$ified Readers know we’re feeling FELTED WOOL MULES / SLIDES / SLIPPER SLAPPERS these days, and here’s another stupendous pair: The Keen Howser III slide, which comes in a ton of variations including this $90 grey felted standout.


Give it up for INNOVATIVE, INDEPENDENT BAG MAKERS !! We were stoked to come across Allmansright, a tiny operation with a bunch of lightweight bags made out of NIGH-INDESCTRUCTIBLE materials like Dyneema and Cordura:

Allmansright consists of 2 people — Livio Melo and Jennifer Jacobsson — based out of a 100 square-foot studio in the Bronx. Livio’s Dominican, Jennifer’s a half-Filipino Swede, and the name of their label — “inspired by the Swedish law ‘allemansratt,’” meaning "‘The Right to Public Access,’ also know as ‘Freedom to Roam’ — reflects their belief “that the outdoors is for everyone.”

You can read more about Livio, Jennifer and Allmansright — and cop their popping baggiolishere.


You know what “unbeatable recon” means in practice, on the ground?? ALL KINDS OF S**T, like for instance:

Sometimes Erin will be thumbing thru some magazine, stumble on a GEM HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT and then SLEUTH IT OUT to bestow upon SPY NATION

Like this piece about furniture designer Minjae Kim that she tore out of Architectural Digest a few months ago, photographed, and KEPT IN A TOP $ECRET $PYPLANE DOSSIER …. until now.

What intrigued us about this photo, besides the fact that Minjae looks cool as s**t gently cradling a sweet puss, is the fact that he’s wearing a SICK shop coat with FILTHY coveralls TUCKED INTO CHUNKY SOCKS, which are nestled, in turn, into some ROASTED & TOASTED ZIP-UP WINTER BOOTS… This MF blacked out when it came to the fit, god d*mn!!

Using proprietary SpyEnhancement Imaging technology we were able to determine that these boots are none other than some humble-a** London Fog joints that cost like FORTY BUCKS!

They’re called the Holborns, they come in brown, grey & black, they’re sick as s**t and — as Minjae demonstrates — they only look doper the more U thrash ‘em. THAT’S WINTER-BOOT EXCELLENCE !

Kohl’s have a few sizes left here; there are deadstock Holborns currently at eBay (black, $45, various sizes here; brown, $40, sz. 11 here); some more on Poshmark (here’s a pair for $39, sz. 11); and pairs at a bunch of other MASS RETAILERS (some of them SO CURSED that they will remain UNNAMED and UNLINKED BY US 😉).

Minjae Kim’s IG is here.

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