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Learn swag secrets in a cavern of dreams

Woody Harrelson grails, an Auntwave mecca, the only ill day planner in the game & more "unbeatable recon"

Welcome to Blackbird Spyplane…

The latest installment of Spyplane TV is embedded above: An “unbeatable teaser” featuring yr boy exploring a funky zone that can only be described as — a GOAT-tier Auntwave Mecca.

As you obsess over the video’s enigmas and puzzles, know that they will be solved — or will they ?? — in today’s sletter, where we’ve got:

  • Italian recon from our recent Spyplane European Jaunt, including ill PASTA and PAJAMAS,

  • The powerfully vibey locale above, where we made a “dope pilgrimage”

  • A sick Woody Harrelson-related ‘90s-era grail that has eluded us for 2 years and finally materialized — and we are blessing YOU with the intel


The illest (only ill??) day-planner in the game — a minimalist marvel that I (Jonah) use to keep my s**t in order and, by extension, ward off feelings of chaos and agitation — just dropped in its 2023 edition in a flotilla of vibey colors. It’s an organizational jawn you have maybe seen pictured in the sletter before, and which readers constantly ask us for the ID on:

The full video is for paid subscribers

Blackbird Spyplane
Blackbird Spyplane