How to wear real clothes again

Yr questions about life, love and the jawn sciences -- answered

Hello!! First off peace to Molly Fischer at New York for citing us in her big newsletters piece yesterday — she kindly used Blackbird Spyplane to illustrate the pinnacle of what sletter-creation can be, not to mention the pinnacle of beautiful & blessed newsletter readerships, too, since by definition if U pass what she describes as our “baroque goofiness” test, you are certified “cool as h*ll” :

One of the many beautiful services we provide to our elite readership is that every now and then we post an open call for questions about life, love and the jawn sciences on IG, then ruminate on them until frighteningly profound answers blossom into our minds … We call this process “PERSONAL SPYPLANE” and it’s that kind of day — !!

Jonah & Erin

Readers asked us:

1) IF and HOW to start wearing “real clothes” a.k.a. “traditional clothes” a.k.a. “tailored clothes” again, a) after a year-plus of softness and shapelessness, and b) given the fact that clothes of a STRUCTURED ILK have by and large NOT been popping for a minute now… !! Is the pendulum ready to swing back? If so, how far?

We have answers. They also asked us:

2) WHETHER there is any such thing as an “un-gentrifiable” jawn, i.e. “an objectively dope piece that has a specific purpose and function, but has not been repurposed for fashion?”

We have answers. They also asked us:

3) WHERE to find a sick unisex canvas-type work shirt / chore jacket, a) perhaps made in the U.S. by b) an under-the-radar independent brand who c) makes a TON of other sick clothes to boot ??

U guessed it: We have answers!!

Now we will give you the answers. For starters —

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Jonah & Erin

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